Best hairdressing services in Edinburgh

Finding the best hairdressing services in Edinburgh

Most towns and cities around the world boast a long hairdressing tradition, and Edinburgh is no different. Edinburgh is home to a wide range of barbers, hairdressers, mobile salons, and full-service beauty salons, so no matter where you live in Edinburgh, you’ll be able to find a hairdresser nearby without having to travel. Edinburgh residents from the New Town, the popular residential South Side, and even nearby towns and districts such as Leith, Musselburgh, and Bonnyrigg are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding hairdressing services in Edinburgh.

However, one of the difficult things about having so many hairdressing services is choosing which hairdresser you want to make your regular service. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to find out which Edinburgh hairdressing services is the right service for you.

The first step is to find out which hairdressers produce the kind of haircuts and hairstyling that you like. If one of your friends is sporting a haircut that you’d quite like for yourself, ask them where they get their hair cut, and whether they’d recommend the service. It doesn’t hurt to ask strangers, either—no one minds being told that their hair looks good! Similarly, many Edinburgh hair salons also have an online presence, so see whether they have an online portfolio of their work for you to view.

Another tip is to determine which Edinburgh hairdressers are prize winners or who rate well in industry awards ceremonies. This can be a great way of finding out which hair salons have cutting edge hairstylists and barbers. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these salons might charge quite a bit more than salons in other parts of Edinburgh, and you might also consider whether it’s worth travelling to visit an award-winner when you have several good quality hairdressing salons in your local area.

Price is, of course, one of the biggest determiners of value, so if you’re budget-minded, then this will play a large role in whether you consider a hairdresser to be good value or not. Bear in mind that simple cuts will tend to cost less than more elaborate cuts, and that blow drying, styling, colouring, straightening, and perming can all add to your hairdressing bill, as can the use of special haircare products. It’s worth comparing the prices of your shortlist of recommended local Edinburgh hairdressing services to see whether or not there is one that stands out in terms of price and quality.

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