Mobile hairdressers service in Edinburgh

Booking a mobile hairdressers service in Edinburgh

Booking in to visit the hairdresser can be difficult, particularly since haircuts often need to be planned in advance. If you’re time-poor, mobility impaired, or find that you have other factors that prevent you from easily getting to your local hairdresser, then organising for your local Edinburgh hairdresser to come to you might be the solution. Booking an Edinburgh hairdresser can be a great time saver, and it can help take the pressure off if you’re facing a busy schedule.

Mobile hairdressers for the elderly and mobility impaired

Edinburgh has a number of hairdressing services that will visit the elderly or mobility impaired at their homes. These services range from a simple barber’s service to a more complex services that offers hair cutting, hair styling, and hair coloring. To book a local hairdresser or barber to come to your home, simply call them and make an appointment. It’s usually a good idea to book in advance and to specify the type of hairdressing service that you need.

Mobile hairdressers for weddings

The last thing that a bride wants to worry about on her special day is her hair and makeup. Getting to a local hairdresser can be difficult when there’s so much else to organise. Fortunately, many hairdressing salons will happily visit a bride and her bridesmaids on the big day to help with hairstyling and beauty services such as makeup and manicures. While many of these services are an extension of smaller local boutiques, some specialise entirely in mobile hairdressing, and will happily travel to a wedding destination or hotel in order to help a bride prepare for her big day.

Before switching entirely to one of Edinburgh’s mobile hairdressers, however, it’s always a good idea to source recommendations from past customers. This can be done online or in person; you can even ask the hairdresser in question whether they have any testimonials they can show you. You should also see whether it’s possible to view their portfolio before committing to a hair appointment, and ask whether they will need to ask anything of you when performing mobile hairdressing services in your home. For example, will they provide equipment such as basins and water, and clean up any mess, or will this be left up to you?

Another question you should ask is how far they are willing to travel in order to cut or style hair. Most Edinburgh mobile hairdressing services will try to keep within a particular radius if possible. Asking a few quick questions when booking an Edinburgh hairdressing service to come to your home can help save you a lot of time in the long run.

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